Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Do "Happily Ever After" Really Exist?

Who believes that a happily ever after- love story only happened in a fairy tale?

"Don't we have a chance to our own story and create the "happily ever after" in our version?"

I believe that we always have a chance to change. To be a better one, to get a better one. Because life is about learning and improving.

We often think that a romantic story in a film we watched, or a novel we read, seems so impossible to happen in real life.

Is that really impossible?
So what if we change the perspective?

The premis (in the romantic story) is mostly about two person who falls in love with each other but must face some ups and downs, a challenge, a conflict, before they finally being able to be with each other and live happily ever after.

Then, back to the reality.
Let’s take a moment to think.
What if the moment when we are feeling not okay and so fucked up with our life (not just our love life), is one of the challenges to get to our happy ending life?

"What is happily ever after actually?"

Well, the definition is up to you. It’s your own perspective about it.

But yeah, just remember.

By the time you are feeling sucks or messed up, you know you are on the way to improve and get closer to your happily ever after story.

Anytime you feel the world seems unfair, take a deep breath and smile.
Take a little step back and watch the whole picture with another perspective, then said,

“It is not as bad as I think. This happens for reason.”

I believe, we all have a chance to get a happily ever after life.
If it’s not now, then it might be tomorrow or soon.
Keep going, keep believing.

*This notes was written 
by the time I finished re-watching ‘Love, Rosie’.
And yes, this is one of the kind of self note. A self talk. 


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