Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A step you can't take back

In the mood of writing a blogpost. 
Big thanks for the afternoon heavy rain since it could bring my mood to write a yellow-mellow-thingy back. Alhamdulillah. Yay.

 Hello December!

2015 almost over and seems like everyone start to look back their paths this whole year. Revisiting and memorizing the to-do list and targets on 2015. Me do the same.

“Congratulation you did it –and– Uh, you didn’t it.
“It’s okay, we still have several days before 2015’s over.”
“It’s okay, I’ll make it as 2016 resolution.”

Anything else?

Then I’ve just realized that I didn’t write any 2015 resolution. LOL. I just... know what I want to do but not write it down on a paper nor a ms.word documents.

I learned many new things. I do lots of new things. LOTS. Until I lost my self and put a bet on my own psychological+physiological health. AAAND I AM REALLY SORRY for the lack of blogpost here. I do write, but for the menye-fiction-poetry-things. And I put it on my second child: Sembari Menunggu Hujan Reda.

Here’s some highlight of my 2015:
  1. I'm glad and sad on a same time because people around me was noticing my new blog and because of it, this blog was poorly managed.
  2. I write and finally could make it worth. From blogpost to Bandung trip.
  3. Met new people, new surroundings and experience from the BBL-02 Kota Kapur – Penagan 2015 team!
  4. Learned much-much more as a lecturer assistant and councelor assistant.
  5. The first Women for The World project has finally done. Can’t wait for another step and progress. Yeaaay.

more photos, please do check my instagram

And before I end this post, let’s...

Take a look at ourselves 
about who we were in this early year until now
Heeeey, everything has changed. Realizing or not, you know that you have changed, right?
By a second, minute, hour that have passed. Well, I wish we all change to be someone better than yesterday.

Take a moment to refresh and rethinking 
about what we actually want to do
Is that what you really want to do? Is your decision actually right? If NOT, then what you really want to be and to do for life?

Take a minute to thank God 
for everything we have got and we have lost
We all know that everything happens for reason. We will get what we deserve and vice versa. Alhamdulillah....

And before the moment passed. Before the 2015 changed to 2016. Before it’s too late to even start, whatsoever good thing you wanna do.
Do it now.
Let’s start now!


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