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“We feel motivated because we choose to, not because the sun happens to shine on our side of the street.” 
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Have you ever been so tired that all you want to do nothing? 

That at one time, you just want to give up for everything you have done, you have been fighting for. That life, is somehow seems unfair. 
Have you ever got that feeling?

The next question is, what do you do to make everything better? 
Fight or flight?
Face it or avoid it?
I usually search some quotes to motivate me. I do believe that inner motivation is far much important than any extrinsic motivation does.


"Life isn’t a video game. You can’t freeze time on that one glorious moment when you beat the bad guy and save the land and rescue your love interest and everything is finally perfect. Life isn’t a trophy for you to put on your shelf."

You can’t win because winning doesn’t exist.

- This is what I got by reading this article.

Well, after reading that page I realized something. That I've had pushed myself too much. That I can't handle it, that everything seems out of control, that everything seems become a mess. 
Seeing our friend with some achievement makes us jealous - so we want to be like them. So we want to be more than him or her. So we want to be the best - of everything. 
This is a terrible mistakes. 

Life is not a competition - with others. Life, our life, is a competition to ourselves. The competition of fear, doubt, angry, jealousy, laziness, and other negative things. 


"Fear drives much of human behavior, but so does a desire for freedom. By learning to conquer the former and strengthen the latter, we can boost our motivation, achieve our goals and create not just a better life for ourselves, 
but a better world to live in."
- Via

Dear me,
Please note it.

Hugs and kisses,

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