Wednesday, 21 January 2015

what you need to know when you are 20 year old.

Sketched by Nisrina.
What is your definition about “being productive”?
Some people might say: doing something that earn some money.
Or doing some projects.
Or creating something new.
Or…. Anything else?
This question leads me to write this post.

I never thought that being 20 year-old would be much complicated. 

You are no longer an adolescent. But then, it feels weird to call yourself as an adult because you are too young too be in this category. You still have to do your tasks and roles as an adolescent, plus, your new tasks and roles as an early adult. 

Enough? Not yet. 

These new tasks and new roles in society would successfully create a conflict within yourself.
Just be honest,
You are 20 year-old , but you still want to act like an adolescent: do whatever they like without worrying much. Besides, you also know that there’s kind of invisible boundaries that makes you stop to do it, since you already realize that there are something much more important than your leisure time: FUTURE.
Yes, in this age, by the time you entered university, you also have to realize that you’ll face the REAL WORLD soon. May be, some of us, had experienced this right after the high school graduation.
I’ve read from somewhere that the real world = the wild jungle. Wide and full of mistery. We never know what actually await us there, we just could guess and also, prepare ourselves so that we could survive there.

I am still trying to finish my own conflict. 

Finishing conflict means deciding what you want to be in your future life.

I couldn’t really bear to face this conflict for myself. I began to ask my friends and the older people, also, I ask the One who own my life, Allah SWT. Fortunately, I found the clue one by one. 

What was the clue?

Yes, it is about finding your passion.

Just try to realize what kind of activities you like the most, no, I mean, the activity which you love the most. The other points are don't think about money too much. Yes, we all know that we had to work to earn money for living. But then, if you do things what you love, passionately, the money itself will come to you.

It’s funny enough that people could understand you more than yourself. Because this thing has happened to me while I was wondering about being productive for this semester breaks.
Writing is my all time favorite activity that I could enjoy it much.
Everyone knows it, but me, still actually doubt it.
Does writing my passion?
Yes, of course. And I’ve decided to do it seriously.
Let’s begin with my second blog:

This is my current project to make me more productive on writing poems and fiction.
What about this blog?
Oh, I’ll keep updating here with my daily thoughts, hehehe.

So what is your next project?
Of course to write my own book. Bismillah…

So what is your passion, people? 
Let’s stop dreaming and start doing things you want to do!

A girl with tons of optimism,

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