Sunday, 11 January 2015

between responsible and consequences.

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Some people say that life is like riding a roller coaster: you could be on the highest, but you could be on the lowest place all of a sudden. 
But for me, life isn’t just about riding (a roller coaster).
I think, life is about how we lead the ride.

How we decided what to do, what to have, what to get: that is life.

Behind every choice we made, there will always be any consequences: good or bad.
The process itself is also a learning point. So yes, by the time we live, we also learn.
What so ever will happen in our life yesterday, now, and future is another things for us to learn.

Just remember:

"Only the fool who do the same mistakes over and over again."


See, this is my very first post on 2015. 
The first and not a good one to open this lovely year, haha.
I am sorry but… I just have no idea how to handle this feeling. 
Yes, I just want to write and I have you, so I decided to write some sentences here. 
I just wanna share what I’ve been through for this whole week earlier this year. 
THIS YEAR, people.



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