Saturday, 13 December 2014

a clear mind.

Huge things will happen in our life.

It’s like a volcanic eruptions: when it happened, everything around becomes fell apart. Everything changed until the original form no longer visible; the only thing left is memories.
This is the stage of life.
As the days after the eruption, there's a change that make the surroundings better. There will be more beautiful things for a better life. For everything we have strived, for everything we believed in, for everyone walked beside us, and for ourselves on our courage to make decisions: never forget to thank them.

This is a journey. 

This is life. 

Mark them as the remarkable one for us to learn.

image source: pinterest
We won’t know what will happen next.
As long as we have a good intentions,we’ll find a way, we'll get the best result.

hugs and kisses,

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