Saturday, 13 September 2014

a brand new day, bienvenue.

Photo taken by Nisrina.

I dunno why I’m feeling so blue today. 

This should be a special day, right?

But why, by the time I’m writing this post I’m still feeling unwell. I’ve tried to ask myself about it.  I just found…nothing.
I’m trying to figure it out the reason of the clouds in my mind.

Oh, Nisrina, 
How could you being sad all day long, even when everyone congratulating you for your best day?
Even, you couldn’t be the one that everyone expected.

Yes, I was really sorry that:
 I couldn’t be your best daughter, dear Mom and Dad.
I couldn’t be your best sister, dear Nabil and Fakhri, also for you Mbak Dita and Dinda.
I couldn’t be your best of bestfriend, dear Betha, Opi, Izzah, Diba, Maris, and Anggrelika.
I couldn’t be your best partner, lover, bestfriend, and everything, dear H.
I couldn’t give my best, dear fellas.

I was really sorry for all of my imperfections, people. All I wanna do right now is be a better me everyday.

Thank you for all your wishes.

May you get all the best that you deserve!

Ugh, I just hate growing up and realizing that I’m officially 20 now. 

 Happy birthday and be more mature, Nisrina.

hugs and kisses for you who read this post, 
oh yes sure I love you!

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