Sunday, 13 July 2014

your favorite quotes.

“The past could affect the future.”

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And that words make me think more about it.

Actually, I often think about random moments which had happened; which I’d been through, or you may called it: the past.

Well, I sometimes enjoy to recall the past because… it was quite interesting.

The moment when you created your facebook account for the first time, when you had a ‘galau moment’ in your teenager phase, when you fell in love then finally had a relationship with him/her that you like, when for the first time you got a heartbreak….

Things that funny enough until sad enough. Silly moments. Stupidity moments. Sweet moments. Everything.

Past for me is like a playground. I like to “visit” them because it could refresh my mind. And fun enough. Also, it could give some ideas for my writings :p hahaha.

Btw, I don’t want to look at it too long. That’s unhealthy – for me; for us; for our mind.

A good past could be a good old friend. But then, the bad past could be a best teacher. Yeah, past moments are best friend and best teacher at the same time.

But then, don’t waste your time with the past.

I think, we may look at the past sometimes. But to look at the future is more important.
Well, I thank Allah for letting me to remember the beautiful past. But I thank Allah more for letting me still alive in this more beautiful present. Sure, I wish I could live in the amazing futures; not only in this world but also in akhirat, aamiin.

This is the 15th day of Ramadhan. Still, I haven’t maximal yet for this Holy Month :’(

May we could maximizing our Ibadah for this Ramadhan. Aamiin.


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