Sunday, 9 March 2014

about moving on.

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Those who say moving on is easy are the one that never feel broken hearted. 

This post was inspired by Adel’s post on her blog, here. Emmm.. I, myself, actually had planned to write this kind of post. But then, I was too lazy to write. Also, everytime I have a time to write, I postponed it until I forgot to write this post. Hahaha.
Like what I write on the first paragraph: Those who say moving on is easy are the one that never feel broken hearted.

Heartbreak is painful. Really, it feels bad. It feels like something missing in your life. It feels like falling to the ground from the sky. It feels like your heart was torn. It feels like…your world has been over. Everything becomes darker than before. Nothing could make you laugh, even your favorite comedy film. 
It feels bad. But then, that’s in the first week, just after you broke up with your ex. In my opinion, that’s natural. Really natural. This would be not natural if you keep crying over him/her more than a month. And…I won’t talk about that right now.

Right, so what’s next?
After breaking up, what would you do?
Telling your ex that you don’t want to lose him/her? Oh, better you put it on the last option.
The next thing to do is moving on.
Moving on isn’t as easy as you read this word. Not as easy as other people try to talk to you about it. Moving on is not easy.

How long you'll keep thinking about him/her?
Do you ever think that he/she might be not care or even think about you?
Do you really want to keep crying every time you remember him/her?

When you have known when to stop crying, that’s the starting point of your moving on process.
Succeed or not, you did it or not, isn’t about the distance between you and your ex. Also, it isn’t about your best friend or parents. It’s about you. It’s your choice. To move or not to move.
When you still crying over him/her and don’t want to believe that your relationship had over, you would never moving on. But then, if you already let everything go, I’m sure you could moving on.

Moving on is about letting go.
Releasing everything that has happened.
Moving on isn’t just about forgetting, because actually you couldn’t erase him/her from your mind by your self.
It’s about the time. 

What you can do right now is to be honest with yourself. To forgive your own mistakes (that might be one of the reason you breaking up). If you still love him/her, be honest to yourself. Crying over him/her is natural, for the first week. Share what you really feel with your besties could make you feel better.

The point is, moving on is not easy. It takes your patience extra. I, my self, had finally succeed in moving on about 7 months after breaking up hahaha.
But then, moving on is just moving on. It’s a phase of our life. Believe me, if you could pass it, you’ll be a better person.
Remember, the one that understand you the most is yourself. You know when you have to stop feeling sad. Be strong, believe yourself that you can.
Keep moving on!
ps. be strong, adel! :)
hugs and kisses, 

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