Sunday, 23 February 2014

dear blog, I miss home.

Hey, blog!
It’s been a week for my 4th semester.
I do hope that I could through this semester well. Aaamiin.

I don’t know why, but I miss my home so much. (btw, I went back to Jogja since February 13th)
I miss mom, dad, and my two brothers, nabil and fakhri. I suddenly want to go back to Pekalongan, because I think that is the comfort place ever. Home.
But then, I know, that this is just a phase we're going to through in life.
And here I am. A psychology student that currently lives in Jogja. Hahaha.

Well then, welcome 4th semester. There will be lots of activity. More tasks, more challenges, more responsibility. Hmmppph.
Also, what I really need right now is: lots of energy and courage.

Btw, about my writing project I’ve told you on last post….. I still waiting for the good news about it, heheuu. Surely, I’ll tell you more as soon as I’ve got the answer. I swear.

How’s your life fellas?

Wishing you to have a good day and good life. Wherever you are.
Don’t forget to always be grateful with everything have or you don’t have.
You know, everything happens for a reason, right? And… what will be yours, will actually be yours. You just need to be more patient for it. Hihihi :p
Talk to you later,
xx, Nisrina

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