Saturday, 11 January 2014

welcome, 2014.

2013  best moments! edited by Nisrina Putri.
Heeey blog! 
So this is my first post on 2014. 
Ahaha okay, 
I really sorry for this late-kind-of-resolution-post.  Whether you think this is about new year resolution or not, it’s up to you. 
Actually, I’m not busy at all for these past few weeks. I just feel like have no idea about 2014 resolution.

Emm.. Anyhow if see my last post, that’s kinda different and “new” for this blog. 
Ahaha that’s also a new thing for me because I’d never published my short story on internet. Forgive moi if you don’t like my short story much. Just wish me tons of luck so that I could win that competition :p ahaha 

So back to the resolution thingy.... I have no idea how to start. 
What if we discussed about my (failed) 2013 resolution? 
Yea, on 2013, I’ve failed to do exercise regularly. That’s the point about 2013 ._. 
So what’s my 2014 resolution? 
Others…? Still have no idea about it.
hugs and kisses, Nisrina.
*btw tommorrow I’ll be going to Pekalongan! Yayaaa, I’m home! And hellooo holiday!

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