Sunday, 15 December 2013

when (your) future psychologist needs a psychologist.

I’ve been thinking to write something about me and my future.

Well, I know this is not a simple thing to talk about. I just…trying to figure it out.
Actually, this post is also inspired by my conversation with Anggrek this afternoon. She said, “My mom had just told me to prepare my future well.
You know, to get a job isn’t an easy thing these days…”



Well, to be on semester 3 as a college student isn’t easy as it seems.
As soon as you decided to study on college, you know that you have to prepare your future well.
Then you have to decide, what will you do after graduating from college? A scholarship for S2? Working on a company? Being an entrepreneur? Married with the one you love? (*errr okay, ignore this)

What else? What will you do?


So complicated.

Then here goes I am.
Still wondering what will I do after graduating from college. I don’t know… yeah, I still don’t know.
What I know is that writing is my passion. I do love to write, I’m trying to write a novel btw, HAHAHA -_- okay, out of topic.
Well, being a psychologist? Of course this is what I want since 10 years ago. But on what kind of field? Clinical? Industry and Organization? Education? Social? What else?

Ah, I still have no idea.

Well, I think I’m not a good psychology-student since I still can not solve my own problem.

Even I often make it worse ;___;
Well, can anybody help me?

…..suddenly I just think that me as your-future-psychologist, need to go to a psychologist as soon as possible.


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