Tuesday, 29 October 2013

self talk.

It’s almost november.
What I’ve been through so far?
Is that really busy as you said on your last post, Nisrina? Or it’s just your dramatical life that makes it feel so hard to be through,Nis?
What you’ve got so far?
Are those things really worth-to-do? Are those things make you getting closer to what you want in your future,Nis?
I’m asking myself.
*Well, If you wanna answer it , just answer, for yourself not for me.

Where everything seems harder as it looks. When everything you’ve done seems not right, even for yourself. When you could be stressful yet happy at the same time. When you try to do your best, even when you realize at the end you didn’t do your best. When you feel so confused about which one you should choose. That is life.
This is life.
And this is yours, Nis.
How my current life seems like….

I know where and how to start, but then I forget my own tract and couldn’t find the finish line. I got lost. Somebody please help me to find the finish line.

But for the hard times, coming back to you is the sweetest escape I’ve ever had, Blog.

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