Thursday, 26 September 2013

pour mon pere.

Dear dad,
I know how you don’t like birthday-thing much.
But to read your birthday wishes for me on facebook really makes me miss you more here. 
To read your birthday wishes on facebook several days ago makes me realize how you love me so much, and I know that you’ve been prayed for me everyday. Even though you just sending me a really short SMS, I know that your wishes are too much to written down via SMS.
So here’s a special post for you. 
A little birthday wishes for you.


Thank you for your patience facing your moody-childish-daughter,
Thank you for always picking me up wherever and whenever I call you,
Thank you for trusting me to choose things I wanna do,
Thank you for supporting me in everything I do,
Thank you for your prayer for me everyday,
Thank you so much for loving mom, me, nabil, and fakhri
I love you, Dad.
I miss you, Dad.
Happy 51th Birthday.
(September 25th)

with love, 
your little girl
Nisrina Putri.

*ps: I really sorry for this late birthday wishes, 
but I do hope you'd like it, Dad :)

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