Thursday, 29 August 2013

it's been a year.

Mostly-heard-sentences, these days…
“Oh, how time flies so fast.”
“Oh, how It’s been a year.”
“A year ago I was busy doing this, this, and that.”
“Oh, how I hate to grow up.”
Emm…the last sentence is exactly what’s on my mind.
I hate growing up. I hate becoming older and older. I hate when everything seems different than before; everything’s change.
On 2012,
I was a new-college-student. I was really afraid of living far away from my parents, I was also afraid of meeting new people.
That was a year ago. When my journey to the real life had just started.
You must have ever heard kind of old wisdom: "Nothing lasts forever."
I do agree.
Yes I really do.
But people are people.
Basically, people tend to choose everything that makes them more comfortable. Change isn’t a good friend for comfort.
Then here’s something we have to notice: change isn’t a good friend of comfort—at the first time.
When we try to see it clearly, change is a natural thing. It happens anytime until we couldn’t realize.
So let's be friend with changes. So when it comes your turn, you could prepare and greet them well :)

This would be my another a hectic week.
Wish me luck!

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