Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Les vacances avec ma famille!

Bonjour! I send you a 'good morning' here, live from Pekalongan! 
Yay, I'm already home....but I should've go back to Jogja tommorrow :( 
Actually I've finished mycollege-stuff. But yeah, I still busy for organizational-stuff. It's okay, I've chosen those activites by myself so there's no reason to feel sorry about them. Anyhow, how's your holiday? 
Me? Aaaah, I bet I've got such a fun one. My cousins come to Pekalongan on Saturday-Sunday. Then, My dad brought us to the beach. That was fun, even just a simply thing like that :)


Aaand about my IPS-score....umm.....*can we talk about it later?
Then..... there's a thing that I've been doing lately..... I do write some short stories again! hahaha, I bet my short-stories haven't good yet, but yeah, I'm trying to write better. Just wish me tonssss of luck!
Talk to you later, palss!
I wish you all have a nice and great and awesome holiday!

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