Sunday, 21 April 2013

that moment.

I'm still wondering when will I go home. I mean, yeah, I bet I got a sudden-home sick. hahahah. Yes, Already miss my home...umm, no, actually I miss my family. I miss my mom, my dad, and my brothers. I just....miss them so much right now.

Dear mommy, daddy, yes I do miss you both right now :(

FYI, I've just had a short conversation with them by phone. Aaaand yeah, I just miss them so bad
I still don't know when will I go home since I found no long-weekend for next month :(
Ah :(
Yes, I do feeling so sad.
One of my brother, Nabil, also will have a national examination on next week,  April, 29th. I really wish I could meet him and say something to make him feel better and do his exams well. Yes, I DO REALLY WANNA GO HOME :(

 ._. Okay, enough ._. hahahaha. Enough for this so-melancholic-post ._. hahaha.
So how are you doing?
How's your weekend?
Does your crush finally know you? *ooops hahahaha.
Yes, he is. But he's just........ hahaha okay then forget about it.
see you next post!!


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