Saturday, 2 February 2013

this is (not) a satnite.

Heyaaa, it’s already February!

My resolution for posting more often seems fail for January, uhm. sorry :'

Aaaand It's been February and that's mean my holiday almost over and I still want to spend my days on my home sweet home :'(


My mood is just swinging like a seesaw. Sometimes ups, sometimes downs. Well….

Randomly wondering about some (unimportant) things-actually....

Do we have to change who we are just for making the one we like, or even, we love just because he/she seems won’t like who we are? I mean, yeah… do we have to forget our own personalities just to make you closer to someone? I know that you have got the answer. So do I. Yes, the answer is: “I don’t know.”

We also know that change our own personality just for someone, seems uncomfortable. But in the other side, we know that we need to change. Umm.. yeah, something like that. To show him/her how we really like/love him/her.

Okay, let’s make it clear:

You know, when you’re in love almost everything inside your brain is the one that you love. It’s all about him/her. Everyday you just can’t stop thinking about him/her, right? And then, you know something that you have to make him/her realize that yeah, there is a human named "you" in this world and yeah, make him/her realize that you exist. Then finally, you’ve got him/her attention. No, yeah, at least he/she has known you. The next step you’ll do is doing anything to attract him/her. Trying so hard to make him/her likes you.
Nah, this is the point. When you try to make someone like you, you know you have to change some of your behave so that he/she will- for the first step- make friend with you. He/she will feel comfort with you.

But then the question is, “Are you really feel okay to be-not-so-you even when you’re with him/her?”

I think there will be at least, your heart will tell you that you should stop changing yourself. Because somehow, it will be nice if someone love us for whoever we are. But yeah, remeber, this is just when we have a good-personality.

I have found on someone’s twitter bio:

“Forget about ‘accept me for who I am’ and start trying to be the best that you can.”

I am totally agree with this words. Yeah, as long as we change to be someone better, why not? I mean, yeah, the one you love should brings you becoming better and better. If not? Then try to love someone else :p *eh


You know, these days I’ve become someone who not-so-me in BBM. My display pictures these days show that I am a nice girl, in fact, I am not.

Sometimes crazy, sometimes freak,but everytime weird. Yeah, that’s me. I’m proud of it, hope you’ll be in love with me :p  *errrr….

talk to you later!

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