Monday, 4 February 2013

j'aime beacoup...

3 days left before I go back to Jogja! Hiks, so sad actually... Today is another my un-productive-day! Yay! But It's gettig worse since I get a stomatchache (because of my first day of period time) and eye-ache(?). Hahaha, whatsoever.

Anyhow, This is a special post. Why? Because it was inspired by Kak Diana's post. Yeah, about some little things that made us happy.

And here goes...what I do when I'm get bored. You may call it a moodbooster:

  1. Visiting my favorite online shopping(s). Seeing their cute products and then feeling guilty because I always want to buy all of them. Yes, I get a “oh-Gosh, I should buy this one, no, I also want to buy this”-feeling. HAHAHA. Don't worry, my mum has already warned and forbid me to do such online shopping and 'real' shopping.
  2. Blogwalking to my favorite fashion blogger(s)! Yeah, I always love their unique yet fashionable styles! And sometimes, I want to be a fashion blogger too. But yeah, I realize that I'm not stylish enough. LOL
  3. Playing Pinterest! Yeah, It is totally fun! You can find many photos in many categories aaand it-is-so-much-fun!
  4. Watching Youtube, usually I watch a music video. Oh, yes, I loove doing this but there's something wrong with my laptop that makes it can't play any youtube video until now. Ugh... :'(
  5. Blogging! And Writing!
  6. Last but not least, listening to music. Whatever music in my playlist!
    Look what I've found on Pinterest!
I can't agree more! 

So... what's yours? What's your moodbooster?
tell me, tell me! :D


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