Monday, 28 January 2013

first post on 2013.

Already have a plan to post here since a week ago. But have just had time to write something today. Now. Right now. Hahaha. Forgive me, forgive the modem also. Yes, my internet connection is so terrible. Ugh. I wish I had a-fast-and-unlimited internet connection. I wish.

Anyways, it’s been a week I’m here in Pekalongan, and also, it’s been a week I’m having a great-kind-of-extra-quick-holiday. Yeah, I only have not-more-than-3-week-holiday. Uumm.. so far I enjoyed it much. And I know that I should spend my time well. Uuuuh, I miss Pekalongan so bad. And here goes I am. I’m home.

Fortunately my cousin, Pungky, came to Pekalongan for a week. Then I spent my first-week-holiday to take her walking around Pekalongan. Yeah, my first week was not bad. I mean, it’s fun enough.
Theeen, finally I could meet my besties again!! Betha, Diba, Opi, and Izzah! Yay! We finally meet up, girlss! Eventhou it’s just a day but it’s totally fun to chat and laugh with you, girls! I’ll miss you (again) so bad!! :’)
FYI, today is Betha's birthday! yayy!



These days people around me start talking ‘bout dreams… actually, my junior in high school and some of my friends. What we’re dreaming is actually not the same as in the reality. Sometimes reality forced us to be more realistic and forget about ‘what-will-be-so-hard-for-you-to-get’.
I think there’s no things like : ‘what-will-be-so-hard-for-you-to-get’. There’s just ‘not for this time’ or it could mean it’s pending. Postponed. Not now, but it will. You will get it. Just go reach it. You need to try more and more. You need more effort to get it.

….. I me, myself also still wondering. I really want to join an organization in university level, but yeah I’m afraid I can’t handle the organization in my faculty, my french course, and my college tasks. But then… just questioning… can I?
The deadline to send the application is until February 12th, this means…. I still have 2 weeks to think it well. I hope my desicion will good enough for me and others… aamiin =)


Is love really could change someone’s act?
If it’s right, then I must be in love right now. LOL.

talk to you again soon!


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