Wednesday, 26 December 2012

this is what makes me feel better.

Bonjour blog!
Ça va?

Moi, je suis bien. Trés bien.

Ah, oui!

I’ve started my french course. Aaand it is fun. Fun. Fun. Totally fun. It’s like when you do something to release the stress because of too-much-college-tasks-to-do.

Time flies.
 I was sorry for not posting regularly here :’( since something wrong with my blog or my modem or..yeah, I dunno.

My first semester as a college student will nearly end. I’ll become a second-semester-college student. Uumm… amazing. Yay, amazing. I feel so unbelieveable that I finally could pass my first semester well. Even I still don’t know how my IP is. Overall, being a college student is good. Fun. Amazing.
Actually, I feel so lucky being of college student. Since there, outside here, still many people want to study in a college. Thank God, Alhamdulillah.

I have promised to myself that I won’t waste my time here doing nothing. I will do something. I will use my chance as a college student to study more. To ask more and more. To never feel enough with my knowledge. *errr….okay, I think it’s too much*
But yes. That is.

Maybe I’ve finally found my daily rythms.
My daily activities.

Homesick? Sometimes, but I haaaardly ever feel it these days. 
FYI, on December 23rd -24th , my parents and my brothers had just visited me :p muehehe. Sooo glad since I needn’t go home which takes a very long time journey. 5 hours. Hahaha.

What makes me sad is that I still haven’t met my besties yet. :’( Betha, Opi, Izzah, Saras, and even Diba who also study in Jogja.

Anyway, I’ve been in love again! With Yogyakarta of course! :p

Yes, last holiday my Family and I visited Prambanan Temple. It was aaaaawesome! Amazing! I think I’ve to go back there since I haven’t finished to visit all of the 1000 temples there :p
See ya on my next post!
Miss ya so much!!!!!


*ps: I want to share some photos but there’s something wrong with my laptop :’( I’ll post it later maybe :’(

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