Friday, 28 December 2012

les photos.

And finally, this is it! :p
Some photos I want to share to you!

With mommy! This photo was taken on November. We both look cute, isn't it? :p

with Bolon-girls! :p It was taken on PASAKRAB event on last October! FYI, it's our 2012's first project!

With Bolon + Kak Pamela + Kak Jojo! Mihihihi. It was taken when we're on TKA! On last October if I'm not wrong. TKA (Temu Kenal Akrab) was totally FUN.

This photo was taken on this December! On LM Psychology's biggest event of the year: SEMINAR NASIONAL! It's great to meet and have many new friends there! 

AAAAAND, with ma beloved cousins!!! mihihihi, sorry if this photo looks "too much" :p

I placed these photos randomly. Sorry :p
Talk to you again soon! 
Anyway, I still haven't had any idea where to spend my new year's eve. hmm... any idea? Can anybody ask me to go to somewhere in new year's eve?-_-


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