Tuesday, 20 November 2012

rather long post.

Bonjour, blog!
I’m back! Yay! New story, lots of story!
College stuff and my new activity: take a french course! Yay. Hahaha.
Anyway, how are you doing? Do you miss me? No? It’s okay. But I miss you so much much much blog! I have had a plan to post something here since 4 days ago. But yes,unfortunately  I’m too busy :p huahaha.

But….. I’m sad right now, blog.
I don’t know but everything becomes too messy for me. Everything seems hard to be organized. Everything seems too complicated. I don’t know but I think there’s something like a tangle thread .  I don’t know. Umm.. everytime I try to think about one thing, then comes another things. Aaaand so on.
Gosh, I don’t know.
 What’s wrong with me :’’’(
 Am I rather stress? 
Too much thing to do.
Too much thing I wanna do but yes, I have some problem with time management. Uhm.. Okay. To be honest.

I’m totally confused. Chaos.
The worst thing about me is that I ALWAYS think about something that haven’t happened yet. Yes, I’m worried too much. Sometimes also labile. OH GOSH-__-

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Aaaaand by the time I write this post, I still have unfinished-even a- haven't-done-yet task. Basic psychology- cognitive part. 2.

Overall, My love for psychology is getting bigger and bigger *wetsaaaaaaaah*. Learning psychology makes you understand you. And I love it. Yes, Psychology, I love you so much! :* ahahah

And also, last Monday was my first class for french course. It was interesting! Fun! But… hahahaha there’s something funny about one of my classmates. But yeah, I won’t tell you about it :p
Since he is....….......
okay, enough.

Bye Blog!
See you next time!

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