Friday, 2 November 2012

a bedtime story.

Hey Blog!
How’s your life?
Raining’s started to come (almost) everyday. Yes, It’s rain season. I always love the rain, but there’s some exceptions here: I love rain when there’s no my (jemuran). Hahaha, LOL.
So yes, I’ve just started my step. I start to join organization, a place where I belong to (err…). I know it’s still on faculty section, not in university section. But whatever, whenever it is, I’ll try to be my best. 

And finally, I’ve registered my self in a course to learn french! Yayness! This is what I really want (and wait) since my first time in Jogja. I love learning language. I always love it. Eventhough it’s not so easy, but it always FUN. Yes, Language is ALWAYS FUN. 
How about my college life?.....

Yes, I’m still having a mid-term test until next Monday. It’s civics-education, btw. It’s okay. But there’s still much tasks which waiting for me to finished ‘em. I don’t know, but I even don’t feel like I wanna touch them at all. Err… I wish all the tasks have finished as soon as I wake up tomorrow :p hahahahaha.
I start to know my new friends more… and more. How they really are. Without mask, maybe. The one whom I thought was good enough, not actually good. Yes, there’s a phase when you realize that what it’s look in the cover is really different in the real life. Like an old proferbs: “don’t judge the book by the cover.”

Dilemmatics, maybe.

When you know there’s something wrong between your friends, your groups, but you don’t know what to do. You know that you actually can speak up, trying to fix it. But yes, back again….you don’t want to be considered as a “hero wanna be”, right?
It’s ironic when you know there  are problems in your groups but you have no idea what to do. At least, trying to make things better.


What I’ve just said?
Nothing, right-_-
I always say that “I should do this… I should do that…I won’t be like that…I know I can be like….”
But everything that I’m saying is just in words.

Why don’t you stop talking and start doing action,Nisrina?


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