Monday, 22 October 2012


I don’t know why I feel more interested in writing blog when I’m still having a test. Yeah! I’m still having a mid-term test, FYI. Tomorrow is the second day with a lovey-dovey-subject: philosophy. Yaaaaaaay! *straight face* -____-

I….dunno why but….philosophy’s language seems too “high” for me to understand. I even haven’t started to study about it. Whereas, the test will be scored  +2 for the right answer and -1 for the wrong one. 0 for the unanswered-question. AH-_-

I feel rather stress maybe. That is why I was told fatter than before by Opi, in our last conversation via telephone 2 days ago. HAHAHA-_- Almost everyday I eat bread, after eating 3 times in the right time (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Hell yeah, so bread is my one of favorite snack here! Since, you know the carbohydrate in a bread is the same as rice’s. Hurray! I’m fatter! Huraaay I’m bigger! -_- HAHA.

SO YES, back to philosophy. I’m trying to philosophizing the philosophy………. *do you catch what I’m saying?*
I think, philosophy is……..erm…. a….erm…
Okay, better back to study. 
Back to reality.
Back to...back to... philosophy muahmuahmuah!! <3>
SO WHY I HAVEN’T MET MY PRINCE CHARMING YET????? *okay, ignore it-_-

Bye bye blog! See you soon!

 Ps. I’ll be back to Pekalongan this week!!! Seems so exciting since I haven’t EVER gone home yet-_- muahahah.

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