Thursday, 18 October 2012

i'm (not) sad.

Last week, I'd had a "makrab" psychology or what we called TKA (Temu Kenal Akrab). It was fun. exciting, but........
FYI, I'd decided to not to watch Afgansyah Reza in Semarang......a chance that I've had...that I finally almost watch his performance live--with my besties, but then..... I chose TKA instead of watching Afgansyah Reza :''''''')

I know gan, we'll meet someday. We'll meet, gan, Afgan :') I believe it. 


Of course, absolutely, I WAS SAD. YES, I WAS SAD.
I say, I was sad, because now I'm not :)
I know the ticket had been wasted since it couldn't be return. I know it. But the most important thing is, at least, I've tried to buy-- and had had a plan to watch Afgansyah Reza live.
oh yes, I know that this post is really unimportant.
I'm sorry blog -_-V
I don't know.... I just feel I wanna write something here..... okay.

So how's your life, blog? I'm okay, still awesome of course, hahahah.
Next week, there will be a mid-term exam. Wish me luck, yeah. Hope that I'll get a good score so that I could get 4 for my first IP! :p muahahaha.
Talk to you later, blog!

Miss Nerdy.

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