Thursday, 13 September 2012

sweeter than seventeen.

Thank you so much Allah.
It's more than I thought before.
I'm...actually me, so speechless. I feel so lucky. To have sucha best friends who are so lovely-dovey. aaand... to get a nwe friends who are so, more than kind. nice. very nice. aaaaaa. yes, Alhamdulillah...

So yes, today I'm a 18th year-old-girl(?)
Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive. I'm still...yes, still here. Many things happened. may, so much much more. I still remember what happened on my 17th birthday. But yeah, I'd moved on. I'd forgotten what I should forget. And it's okay :)

And Allah is very, more than kind.
Allah replaces my-out-of-wished-17th-birthday with this very sweet 18th birthday.
Eventhough I'm far away from my family, I don't feel alone. I have a new family here. In Yogyakarta. I find my love here. I catch my dream, my passion here. To study in here, UGM, is sucha big big present I've ever got. Even to get very nice and kind friends here.
How my besties, who are far away also still care (ME MISS YOUUUU). Betha, Opi, Izzah, Adiba.... I'm speechless. How....sweet they're still care with me. how... how ah :(

I can't stop crying today.
First, when my parents called me. They said "Happy Birthday" to me. I suddenly feel like I wanna go home. I wanna hug them. I wanna say that I love them. I miss them, so much! :(
And then, a sweet voicenote from Betha and Opi. I miss how we waste our time just to talk about nothing. I miss my bestfriends, since I remember what they did to me when I was down a year ago :(
Allah, save them. Give them what's best for them :'( aamiin.

What most surprising is a cute-little-present from my new friends. Although we've just been met for a month, we've been close friend. aaaaand, this little gift is like woke me up that yes, we are really close friend. I don't know what should I do to reply their kindness. :'(
Ah, THANK YOU SO MUCH BOLON! Aloy,Sabda,Ryan,Andina,Dina,Indri,Azka,Maya,Rara, THANK YOUUU! :')

It's a long post. sorry :p
But yes, I also wanna thanked all my friends who can't be mentioned one by one. But I'll post your greetings soon!

18th is like a line start.
18th is like an alarm.
18th is like a sign.
That I have to be more mature.
That All I have to do is focus on my future.
That All I have to do is do something better for myself, others, and this country, Indonesia.
That yes, I have to keep spirit. to catch my dream.

miss nerdy.

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