Friday, 10 August 2012

Op Op Pararop!

Ah, things happened so fast. People come, people go. We let ‘em go and then moving on.....
Yeah, My beloved-grandma had passed away :(
A week ago. I was sad. Of course. She’s my mom’s-mom. I saw my mom cried. I can do nothing but keep praying so that my mom-also our family, big family- can be strong enough to face it.
Hmmm yeah, enough for this sad things. We have already being strong to face it and let it go. But yeah, keep praying for grandmas and grandpas who’d passed away.
It’s been half-month of ramadhan. And…… 2-weeks-to-go to leave Pekalongan and go to my-new-beloved-town----- Yogyakarta. Jogjakerdah. Hihihihi.
I’ll stay at boarding house. I’ll live far from ma beloved parents….-this is my first time-fyi. Aaaaaaaah. I don’t know, I have no idea about this. I hope things will be alright. I will be okay, and I won’t feel alone because I’ll get new friends. Aamiin.
My I-can’t-stand-with-this-cute-stuff- syndrome is getting worse. What kind of stuff? Shoes, clothes, hijabs, bags…. Aaaaa yeah, I wish this is not an online-shopper syndrome. I should cure myself, ASAP! Hahaha lol.

Currently listening GAC’s first album!
It’s totally-supa dupa awesome!!  

Then… yeah, I’ll see ya again soon, blog! :p

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