Wednesday, 6 June 2012

dear rain, I miss my rainbow.

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Dear rainbow,

Thank you for making my world more colorful
Thank you for making me laugh with your simple thought
Thank you for being the sweetest person I’ve ever met
Thank you for inspiring me to be someone better
All I can say is thank you for everything
I never ever thought that prince is exist-that’s you :p
Thank you thank you thank you

Dear rainbow,
I’m sorry for my imperfect
I’ve promised to myself that I, whatever happen I won’t never let you hurt
I won’t ever let you sad
I won’t ever let your bright-smile disappear
If there’s someone who should hurt , then that should be me, not you

Dear rainbow,
I love you.



  1. nice:) mind to follow back?

  2. titip salam untuk rainbow-nya :)
    Dia pasti manis sekali, so that you can make this cute post <3


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