Saturday, 5 May 2012


People said that Senior High School is the best moment ever. I definitely agree!
Yes, it is! Senior High School is the best moment ever-ever-ever in this world!!! 
Aaand... Yeah, I'll leave it soon. 
Yes, I'll be college student soon, amin ;) 
Last week, April 26th 2012 My Senior-High-School-Prom was held. It was absolutely awesome! (Y) wkwkwk. 
Oh, I suddenly realize that I would miss senior high school moments :'( 
But then, life must go on! ;)) 

So here they are,the photos:

I dance! Ya, I dance with my classmates :p mihihi. 
This is a "Tribute from 12th Grade students :p"

Too many photos to upload, so I decided to minimize it :p wkwk

and this one :))

It's Spring! 
Our Class's theme is Spring! 

Yes, I love them so much <3

This is my class! 12 Science 7! Yeaaaah. 

I uploaded these photos randomly, anyway :p
Fyi, I finally leave science and choose social.
Bismillah :)


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