Wednesday, 8 February 2012

what I do when....

When I’m sad, I thank Allah for everything He had given to me (Alhamdulillah).
When I’m sad, I write on this blog or on my laptop.
When I’m sad, I play the music on my music playlist and listen to Afgan’s song or Glee Soundtrack.
When I’m sad, I visit my favorite online store.
When I’m sad… I tell myself to be happy instead of sad ;)


The school-schedule for February until June will be very busy. I do hope the national examination, school examination and everything about the-senior-high-school-student-last-year will be okay and I do hope for the best result! Hihihi ;) Wish us-the senior-high-school-students luck!

I love you, my sweetie readers! So much love you :*
(even I don’t know whether there’s reader or not on my blog :p mihihihihi, anyways, I looove you!)
and thank you for your comments, I do appreciate it! It's a worth thing! ;)



  1. Kalau menurutku, kalau kita lagi sedih enaknya tuh denger lagu favorit :)

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