Thursday, 19 January 2012

nobody's perfect.

humans are two-faced, said my Biology teacher. Because, humans had different appearance between their front head (face) and back head (hair). yes, that is true.

now, how about the 'two-faced' ? I mean , being a nice person in front of someone, but being a backstabber of him or her. yes, you may say that the 'two-faced' people are also hypocrite person. yes.
to be honest, I really dislike with this kind of person. but yeah... I cannot deny that me, sometimes being a 'two-faced' people too.
But should we?

I know that nobody's perfect. But trying to be a better person from day to day isn't bad, is it? ;)
I wish this 'so-childish-thing' would end as soon as possible :))
Because this is about togetherness :)

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