Sunday, 29 January 2012

i love covered-song!

Finally, I created my youtube account! mihihihihi :p It's so late, I know. but, yeah. finally I created it! No, I haven't uploaded any video. I'm just love to favorites and likes videos :D ahahaha.
aaand... here is my two-favorite videos:

1. Lonely (2Ne1) cover by Gamaliel, Audrey and their cousins.
I always love the way they covered songs! And I knew this korean songs (and like it) because of their cover! mihihihi! it's worth to watch it!

2. Afgan Syahreza covering "The One That Got Away" at The Hits transtv
Because I didn't watch it on tv, so I watch via youtube. but yeaaah, it's totally awesomeee! I love it soo much! aaand... it's so touchy. I love the way he sang it. I'm in love again and again with him :p

I'm so busy preparing for try out on next monday until next saturday. wish me luck for it! hihihihi
love ya ,

Ps: since I'm busy, i'm sorry for haven't visiting your blog back. Anyway, thanks for your visit here! muahmuah! :*

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