Saturday, 5 November 2011

sweet wishlist.

Bonsoir! Good evening everybodeeeeh!
How’s your life? Me? Awesome and amazing as usual ;) hihihihihi

FYI, I have been going crazy these days. I don’t know why or, when I start to or… yeah anything about the reason of my craziness. The important one is…. it is better to spend your days with happiness even craziness than being ‘galau’, right? :P

Okay, it’s been 5 November. But it’s still on early November. It’s not too late to write some wishlisht, isn’t it?

So… check this randomness wishlist:

1.My score-FOR EACH SUBJECTS- getting better than last month.
Since… umm… maybe too much galau-ing was really wasting my time and energy, so I couldn’t study well for the mid-test . But now, I’m trying not to ‘galau’ :p This is also very important for me. Because it is used on college registration . Wish me luck guys!

2. Find the right department for my college.
I have been panicked for this thing. It’s about school, school, school, college, college, college. My times -in senior high school-only about 5 months. Umm… I have chosen the department. But still confused whether it’s good for my future or not. Umm.. yeah, wish me get the right department! Amiiin….

3. Decrease my very bad habit ----> ONLINE SHOPPING.

OH GOSH! Online shopping is like a drug for me. It’s so…. So… so….. much fun than do shopping on the shop! :p you needn’t go to the shop, you even just sit in front of ur laptop and clicks what kind of clothes, or shoes, or bags, or anything you want. You just need to……pay it at Bank -_-V wkwkwkwk
My mom had told me not to do it again. But…. Oooohhh… this is a big temptation for me -_-V I'm so sorry mom!

6. ………

There’s still much more. But I can’t write it all on here :p

Anway, yesterday was my best friend sweet-seventeen-birthday!

Happy Birthday Brilianti Novi (a.k.a Pongseh!) hihihihi :p

Wish you all the best! The best of the best! You’re my inspiration for me to think something in easy way and not to care much about something which is not important enough for me :p hihihihi

I hope you like the presents from us ;)

So how’s your day, bloggers?
How’s your november wishlist? ;)


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