Tuesday, 25 October 2011

time passed and people changed.

We laugh, we smile, we sad, we cry, we dream, we joke… together.
You come when I sad. You make me laugh when my worse time come. You make my 17th birthday better. You hold my hand, you strengthen me, you said that I’m a strong girl.

Remember when the first time we met?

On a course, we start our friendship.
We start to hang out. We talk about boys. About teachers. About someone. About school. About everything.

Now we’ve been about two years, together.

We become apart. We’re busy with ourselves…or it’s only me who is busy?
I couldn’t understand you well. I couldn’t understand that you need me. I even couldn’t realize that you are disappointed with me.

I’m too bus
y. Too busy to fix my heart. Too busy to chase my dream. I forgot how we started it.

Dear best friends, I miss you. Miss you so much.

I’m sorry for my changed. I’m sorry for my selfishness.

For sure, I, me, really miss you.



  1. hey dear :)

    we are ON SALEEE now till friday gog et ur own shopping bag :)



  2. The greatest thing in this world if we have bestfriends who can share everything and able to understand us :)

    White Honeyr

  3. @saphira: Yes, of course :)

    @vivid: yes :')


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