Monday, 10 October 2011

dear rainbow, can you stay here forever?

It’s the first day of mid semester test. Tomorrow there will be English and Computer test.
Is that easy for me so that I write on this blog?

The answer is no. not actually….

I’ve just learned Flash (that’s the Computer’s material) from basics. I haven't studied about how to make a motion tween and etc. OMG, that’s soooooo complicated. I can understand it but…..hmm… anyways, I won't tell you about my mid-semester-test materials for tomorrow.

I just… hemm… what is it called? In Indonesian language, maybe…ummm…. Errr…… ‘g a l a u’? ._. OMG, I’m not ‘galau’I’m just feel….emmm…
is there any other words for a feeling which can not be described? A feeling which make you confused between sad, happy or….something? .__. OMG, I should admit that I’m…err… yes, that’s! (I’m not gonna say ‘galau’) .____. Err… ehehehe

So… here it is the problem.
The problem which had started from a month ago and until now I can’t finish it. Err… erasing it from my mind actually.

The problem is simple.
As simple as you blink.
It is about letting go. Yes.

It’s about letting go someone you thought would be with you forever until you both die.

It's about letting go someone you’d hurt and you’d been hurt before.

It's about letting go someone who makes your day brighter.

It's about letting go someone whom you wanna catch your dream with.

It's about letting go someone who just become your spirit whenever you feel down.

It’s about letting go someone who had fill up your day for about 10 months.

It’s about letting go someone who had make you fall in love, really in love until you don’t know what your life will be without him.

Yes, it’s only about letting go.

Maybe ….. I’m too much. Too much to face this feeling and this things. But I just feel like that.
Have you ever feel happy if she/he feel sad and feel sad if she/he feel happy to the person you doesn’t like?

Oh, God… why it feels so hard for me?
I thought it was very easy to forgetting and letting go.
But……. Yeah.

*image source: deviantart