Thursday, 29 September 2011

i need a rain, to see a rainbow...

Hello! It's me! Come back! From a-very-long-no-post. Haha. It’s September, and it is almost over. And… it should have been my special month. A very very special. But… someone had just destroyed it. HAHA-_-

Yeah, on september I was born. And this year I’ve been seventeen! Yea, seventeen! But yeah…someone had just destroyed everything I wished. I dreamed for. Yeah.

Do I feeling sad? Oh YES! A VERY BIG YES! I’m so disappointed with what he had did. But… hey… life must goes on! I must be awesome, because I was born to be awesome (HAHA) and he...... he is nobody. Nobody who had destroyed my day! Thanks anyway for you.

Instead of my unexpected day, I’ve just realized that I have a verry-berry-sweet-bestfriends! Aaaaah, I love them so much! More than…..him! HAHA-__-V they are……oh, I cant find a word above extraordinary. They are really……sweet! Sweet! Sweet!!! :’D I love you girls… I know that I’m a strong girl! :)

Umm… maybe this is such a sarcastic post. I don’t mean to hurt anyone… it’s just… I feel so……. Hmm… yeah, just undescribeable feeling :’)

And for A, thank you for everything. Thank you for compliting my day for 10 months. Hope I could find someone else better, far better than you. ;)
Anyways….what I did yesterday is like what you did on my 13rd september ;) HAHAHA.

Hmm… how’s your life bloggie? I miss you so much. But as a lazy-seventeen-year-old-girl, I will meet you rarely :)

Hope we’ll meet a better October!

Amin :)

The strong girl,

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