Friday, 12 August 2011

trying to focus...

heyaaa, blog!
I'm trying to write something here, since 2 hours ago.
the result is: still three lines. haha-_-

these days, I think, I found difficulties on focus. fous with anything. you know, when I intend to do something, few minutes later I did another thing. -___-
I've to solve this problem as soon as possible! yes, because I'm on the 12th grade now and should study, at least, half an hour at home.

another simple example again:
now. yes, now. If I'm focus on what I'll do, I'll have finished this posting since one haour ago. in fact, I was wasting my time with browsing first......actually, online shopping-_-V ahahahaha.

wish be more focus :')

for closing:


ahahaha, that was soooo me ._. wkwkwk -___-"

bonne nuit!
good night everyone! :)


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