Tuesday, 9 August 2011

miss youuu,blog!

yes, i'm not good enough as blogger.
yes, i had said that i'll be a better blogger and write more.
in fact, it's my first post on this month.

let's see....
I'd changed my blog's header.....to be something more weird-__-V
err... actually, i'd designed more than one. Most of all couldn't make me satisfied, since that was my work.
And still......i'm busy with my homeworks and preparation for passing national examination next year, i didn't have time for it.
errr....I'm too lazy too create another new header design again .____.V

oh, well....
how's your life, people?
just still here. in my room. in my parent's house. in Pekalongan. in central java. in Indonesia.
my notebook is getting terrible-_- need to change to the new one and also the expensive one -_- hahah.

i still don't know what i really want to share-_-

These raditya dika's stand up comedy are entertaining enough.
i'd never seen stand up comedy before ._. ehehehe.

last but not least, but rather late, hehe....
Happy Fasting for everyone who did it!- so do I, hihihihi :D


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