Thursday, 21 April 2011

should i have a diet?

Dear bloggie,
Heiii... it’s been a week i haven’t post anything since i’ve said that i’ll post more often than last months.


Fyi, this morning I met my junior high school friends.
Guess what, one sentence from them:

“Nisrina, you look fatter.”

Suddenly, there was an earthquake, then the earth devided into two and I sank between them. *jeng jeng jeeeeeng* Oh, oh, too dramatical. -_-V

Me, myself, moi. Don’t feel that I was getting fatter. But, friends-you never met for 4 months-would see it better than you. -__-

I think, I have a good news bad news. My super-bad-eating-habit has come up again -___- aaaand, it’s getting worse and worse. You know, today after had lunch, I ate ice cream wall’s size small half of its place. Then, after I woke up from take a nap, I ate again. 2 chikens at once.


It’s crazy.

Aaand, on 6 p.m. I’m starving again. Fortunately and geniusly, I decided to ate an apple instead of eating rice. Hehehehe.

I’ve been trying not to let this bad habits getting worse. But, It’s so difficult because there were so many snacks on the refrigerator. I’ve told my mom to decrease the snacks she always buy once for a month. Do you know what’s the response? She just said that it’s for my brothers if I didn’t want to eat them. OMG.

How couldn’t I stand with these snacks? Especially TOP. That’s my favorite one :3 and my mom always buy them a box! -_-
The other side, my besties have start to have a diet. The result: they looks better than before (read: *thinner*) and........ honestly, I’m envy .____.V

Now, the next problem and question is........ should I have a diet?

I.....really haven’t ready for it. Also my mom doesn’t permit me .__. The thing I’m still trying is.....jogging every morning minimum three times a week and doesn’t had a dinner and eat fruit for instead .__.

I’m still trying for it. Still trying. Still trying.....still..............trying..........................

Wish me luck milkysmile


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