Sunday, 2 January 2011

thank you ice cream!

First, let me to say: Happy New Year 2011!!
For me, it’s time to be a new me. Like always, I wrote a new year resolution. But now, i’ll try to do it as hard as i can :p i also put it on my mirror :D hahaha... in order to make me always remember (and do) my resolutions.

my resolutions (white paper) with afgan's poster and new calendar from gadis magazine

Btw, it is the last day for my 1st semester on 11 grade holiday.
Aaaaaand... i’m not sure whether i’m ready for tomorrow or not -__- hffff
Nooow, i’m on my bad mood. Since several days ago, i felt it. It seems everything goes wrong with me. I want to angry or screamin’ aloud -..- really a bad feeling. One of my favorite things i do to make my mood better is eating ice cream :3

Yeah, ice cream is like my moodbooster (Y)
The other thing i did is listening some music with high volume. My favorite songs are: gives you hell (glee cast version) and maniac (girlicious)
ready or not, i have to go to school tomorrow. Wish me (and you) a happy Monday on school guys~


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