Friday, 21 January 2011

about me, them, and our idols

Heyaa, I’m baack!
With lots of things to do, actually. Haha. But I really miss blogging :’) I just haven’t got any idea to write *okay I’m not creative, BLAH*

----Warning: this post is really an unimportant post----

Hmm~ let’s start...

It began since one of my closest friends, Izzah met and took a picture with Afgansyah Reza when she’s going to watch ONROP Musical . You all know HOW I REALLY ADORED AFGAN SO MUCH. Well, Izzah is an Afganisme too, but... knowing the fact that she met afgan first than me –i have never met Afgan , fyi- I AM SO ENVYYYY :3 Until now! :3

AAAAND, she used it for her avatar on twitter for about more than 2weeks and for the profile picture on Facebook until now!


MY JEAOLOUSY haven’t over yet. Then, She-Izzah-got a chance to meet and take a picture with RADITYA DIKA, when he was in Semarang last December -__-- THEEEEN, SHE USED THE PICTURE AS AVATAR AGAIN! Well, well, well~

I’m crazy, yeah. I’m dead by these fact -_- HAHA


I am -really- envy with Izzah’s lucky month and year, and still wish I could meet Afgansyah Reza this year :’) *AMIN....

I think, my jealousy was rather cured by Fitrop’s mention to me.
Yeah, on January 19th, I mentioned Fitri Tropica -an Indonesian famous actress and comedian- for fun. And, 2 hours later, She replied my mention! Awawaw~ I was so happy, since I still really need moodbooster on that day.
5 minutes later, Izzah and Bethari also mentioned by Febrian! He is a new Indonesian singer! Yeaaah~ that was really unbelievable moments! XD

OKAY. I think not only me, Izzah and Betha, whose mention was replied by them-and other artist- but actually, that really give some special meaning for me.

Pekalongan is not a big city. Not every artist-especially my idols-came there. You know, as the fans, I also wanna meet my idol. And that mention really woke me up that I would meet my idol, someday :)


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