Wednesday, 22 September 2010

troubles .

Hey, bloggie!
I’m baaack with a very- late post.

Yeah. I’m not a good blogger anymore. I’d promised that I’ll post about my wishlist for my 16th bday. But I didn’t do it. Actually, I had so much spare time since 2 weeks ago. But I didn’t post anything. Ok, I’ll try I won’t do it again (I hope so..)
And, for now…

I want to tell ya. No, it’s not about my experience on my last holiday. It’s about….. the problem that I’m facing now, because of my stupidity and BIG laziness -__-“

I am not only a student, but also as the organizator on my school. I joined 3 differents organization, scout, e-club and mpk. But I won’t tell ya about them. I just want to tell ya about my problem.

You know, when you were got some tasks, or chosen to handle an event, you should have to did it well. Never , never and never thought that you can delay something which you could do now. Because…. You will got a problem on the last and being worried about it.

And, I think I am the laziest girl in the world! If I can say, and shouted loudly,
I’ll say:

“I don’t like to be ordered continously. I don’t like if you too trust with a task for me, and you know, I’ll not do what you command on me!”

But It’s such a stupid words that comes from stupid girl too. I’ll not say them.

If I do not want to “get the task-like-that and being trusted by others” none will trust me. I know that I can.. But, yeah. I am too lazy too do it. It has to be my risk as the organizator.

Aaand… I should have to do my best of my task and do it well until clear and no problems left.

I hope I can.

The lesson that you can learn is:

“When you actually doubt with the task you get. You can reject it, If there’s a chance. But if you should have to do it, just forget it and wait until someone did it for you (?)”

Ignore it! -_______-"

I really hate to face this problem. But this is it! I should face it, so I should finish it, well and clearly :)

Somehow, this is a risk as an actress (?)

ps: I just take this picture from my computer and I forgot the source :)
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