Thursday, 8 July 2010


Hello, I am Miss nerdy. I am now on senior high school grade 11. Beautiful, cute and have an interesting personality. When you met her, you could be…. fainted.

Oke, it’s not funny-and I’d known it- I’m not a comedian. I can’t joking well. That’s why, It will hard for you to find anyjokes in this blog.
HAHA -_- ignore it!

Let me give a better prolog.


Finally, I had finished to decorate this blog! Haha. I am glad and sad on the same time. I’m glad because finally I had a new blog. And I’m sad because I should leave my last blog, Invisible princess.

To be honest, I really doubtful to move here. But, with uncertain reason, I believe that this blog will make a better change on my life (?)
I don’t know wheter I’ll write more than on my last blog or not. But I’ll try it. Yeah -_____-

Writeless. I don’t know what I’ve to write. HAHA -_-
See you for the next post.


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